Illawarra Fly

IllawarraFlyLogoThe award winning Illawarra Fly Treetop Walk is one of Australia’s premier treetop walk experiences and Jamberoo Resort is the nearest accommodation.

A scenic 10 minute drive will take you to the only walk of its kind in NSW and one of only a handful of elevated steel treetop walks in the world, the ‘Fly’ is an immersive nature experience.


The gentle 1.5km return walk takes in native rainforest, the steel walkway which features two gently swaying cantilevered arms, and a central tower raised nearly 50 metres from the forest floor. Positioned 710 metres above sea level, the stunning views take in everything from the rainforest floor into the canopy and out to the Pacific Ocean.

Suitable for all ages and fitness levels, the Treetop Walk is a one of a kind experience that captures the unique beauty of the regions flora and fauna and takes approximately 1 hour to complete. Wheelchair and pram accessible with a courtesy cart available if required. With stunning views, guided tours, a visitor centre and cafe, the Fly is a great place for a day out for families, couples or groups of friends

Take the challenge and climb to the top of the tower – the view back to Wollongong and beyond is spectacular.

Update January 2015 – Illawarra Fly now features Australia’s highest zipline tour. Go and visit our neighbours for some unforgettable family fun.